November 5, 2020

Simple Tips to keep your Ankara Shiny.

The Ankara fabric is known for its colourful African prints, and is deeply associated with African clothing. 

One of the best things about Ankara fabric is the intensity of its African prints does not change compared to other printed textiles that fade quickly. 

The safest and best way to clean your African print fabrics is to hand wash them in cold or lukewarm water. 

First of all you always have to endeavour not to wash your Ankara with a machine or dryer, this is because the washing machine can be extra hard on the material and ruin it. 

For the Ankara material or a dress, it is more advice able not to use any form of detergent instead use a bar soap and of course hand wash instead.

Try tossing your Ankara fabric into the wash with a tablespoon of salt. The chloride content of the salt will help seal the colour in. This also works for scarves and rugs.

In some occasions it is advice able to treat just area that needs to be treated, you don't necessarily have to wash the whole of the material

 Stains are sometimes unavoidable. Try using baking soda or an alternative that is not as harsh as bleach to get rid of stains on your Ankara fabric

Quick Summary

Do not use washing machine.

Avoid washing it often

Avoid Detergents

Use fabric conditioner,

(use either)

White vinegar (and it must be white – dark vinegar may stain fabrics). ...

baking soda. Or

  1. Soak with Salt to lock in the colour